Happy Clients

KS, Calgary

"Melody has intuition and wisdom well beyond her years. She has been able to coach me through some challenging career events. From the first conversation Melody created a welcoming feel and naturally helped me identify the current issue as well as underlying themes. She has an amazing way of listening which allowed me to walk through each particular grievance, detail the repair, and begin the healing. Melody has a genuine willingness to help people improve themselves and their life."

KC, Manitoba

"Working with Melody was absolutely life changing! What I learned impacted every area of my life. I learned that no matter what happens in my life, it doesn’t just happen; I choose it! Today I know who I am and where I am going. I’ve made peace with my past and I am moving forward with more enthusiasm and energy than I’ve had in years!"

Darrin Zeer, Denver

"Bestselling author & 'America's Relaxation Expert'–CNN

Melody is incredibly intuitive. Her laser coaching helped me to quickly identify my true goals & develop a plan to go get them. She helped me navigate the many bumps along the road to my success. Melody is committed to helping people make their difference in the world. If you are clear on your direction but continually stumped or if you are unclear and need support in figuring it out Melody can offer that special input that can make all the difference. I highly recommend her."


"Working with Melody has been one of the most positive personal learning experiences that I have had. Melody’s gentle yet persistent and loving approach created the ideal safe place for me to reflect and observe. I moved further and learned faster than I have been able to do in any other setting."

DM, Calgary

"Melody has a very natural and effective way of helping me see opportunities for positive change in my life. Our coaching sessions were enlightening and productive. Her genuine interest and commitment to me has inspired me to take on the challenges that I’ve identified. The bottom line is I see and feel major improvements in my long term and day to day relationships that far exceed what I had hoped for."

SA, Calgary

"Melody took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to do things only she believed I could. I gained incredible confidence while learning to take a different approach at home and at work. I am now recognizing and removing the barriers that were limiting my success and I’m positively motivating others."

LP, Chicago

"Melody is a wise coach who can be trusted and counted on for support. She created a relaxed environment which gave me the freedom to share, explore, discover and dream. She helped me find clarity, maintain focus, set goals and take action to move towards my dreams."

DM, Calgary

"As a parent, I thought I knew all I needed to as far as effectively parenting my young teens through loss and grief. During a time when several close family and friends passed this thought changed. With Melody’s facilitation, I converted what I learned into better parenting and personal responses. Not only did I learn how to support my children I also learned how to more effectively deal with loss myself. I strongly encourage all parents to take this workshop to gain the highly effective, critical and invaluable life skills that have benefited not only me but my kids as well, now and forever."

C. Dobler, St. Louis

"Plain and simple, working with Melody changed my life. The exercises I was given guided me to change my thinking about myself and my life. Although I was pushed out of my comfort zone and into a place I'd never gone before, Melody was there every step of the way. Working with Melody changed my life. It can change yours too."

KM, Vancouver

"For the past year I’ve experienced deep grief resurfacing around my dad who passed away 12 years ago. Every time I thought of him, I had sharp heart pain. I had also become highly sensitive to gluten, which I now understand is energetically connected to unresolved issues with a father. Melody was the first person who was able to help me heal my grief as well as my physical symptoms. She gently and compassionately guided me through a process that led to deep peace. I now live pain and allergy free thanks to her guidance.

LV, Calgary

When I started to work with Melody I was skeptical if the program was right for me. Overall I was a happy person and I didn’t think I had any significant losses to deal with. My main focus was to make positive changes around my eating habits to better align with my passion for fitness. At first, I had a hard time connecting my assumptions around what grief was to the changes I wanted to make in my health. However, as I worked with Melody, I started to see how things from my past, even childhood, have impacted some of my behaviours now. Each week I gained more insight into how I had come to develop those behaviours in the first place. More importantly, this insight enabled me to make meaningful and sustainable changes. Thanks Melody!"

PK, Calgary

"Melody allowed me to express my emotions and feelings in a nonjudgmental, respectful and safe environment (that I couldn’t do with family) in order to come to terms with a life changing event. Working with her has brought me peace, because I finally felt like I was heard."

DP, Calgary

"While working with Melody I learned life-long tools that I use daily. Through ongoing coaching Melody has given me inspiration every week with her questions, quotes or just “what if” statements. It is amazing to have met her and what she does has made a huge difference in my life. I want everyone to have these tools!"

Charmaine Ironside

Ironside Fitness, Calgary

"When I started working with Melody I had a tight/closed off feeling in my chest, I had always had a hard time giving and receiving love. Melody guided me through a process that allowed me to release the grief I was carrying from certain relationships. I literally felt lighter when we were done. I now know how to continue to process and release past hurts so I can live the most vibrant, full life that I know I can. Thanks Melody for your enthusiastic delivery and gentle but relentless work with me to do this!!"

TB, Calgary

"Melody is an expert in her coaching and technique. She facilitated the process of me finding peace and acceptance with many losses after my divorce. Learning how to forgive myself and others is something I learned and continue to use in my day to day life. Food was my comfort through happy times, bad times and everything in between. I finally reached my goal weight this morning and cried my eyes out as I stepped on the scale. Melody is warm, open and accepting and gave genuine and honest feedback throughout the process. I recommend Melody to anyone looking to make a life change and move forward through their loss and grief."

Krys Pappius

Retired Police Officer, Vancouver

"I met Melody several years after the death of my father. My memories of him were tainted by some negative emotional baggage. I knew I didn’t want to carry anger and resentment for the rest of my life. I knew I wanted to remember him as someone who did the best he could have done given his own life experiences. I wanted the freedom to remember him with love and to genuinely miss him. Melody’s unique mixture of compassion and skill gave me the safe space I needed to work through the baggage. More importantly, she was able to walk me through the process in a short period of time. What a load it took off my shoulders! I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with loss and the grieving process."

KS, Calgary

"I recently experienced a shocking loss that brought me to Melody. While I grappled with making sense of this tragedy, Melody gently helped me to see grief in a new way. To my surprise, my biggest challenge was not my most recent loss; rather it was surfacing and working through grief that I thought was firmly in the past, but was silently holding me back every day. I find my familial relationships significantly healed, I feel calm and complete, I know myself better, I feel equipped to take on life’s difficult experiences, and I have freed myself to live fully. I feel extremely fortunate to have been guided through this process by Melody as she is a truly gifted coach and a wonderful human being."