Melody Chardon

I am Melody Chardon, owner of All Seasons Coaching. I work on the emotional side of change while providing efficient, effective and practical tools to help you move through any loss or life transition. I will not tell you what to do, I will show you HOW to do it.
I know from personal experience that change and loss can create feelings of fear, confusion, grief, anxiety and overwhelm. It can cause many sleepless nights, unexplained changes in mood and behavior and generally make you feel pretty crappy and unsettled.

I Found Happiness, Joy and Freedom Once I Learned How to Let Go

I started All Seasons Coaching in 2011 after going through a few life changes all at once. In the span of 18 months my dad passed away, I filed for divorce, and I started a new job.

I was worried about being a single mom, paying the mortgage, feeding my kids, starting a new job, and staying healthy. I was worried about how my daughters would cope with my decision and how it would affect them. My family, friends and coworkers didn’t know what to say or do. Some of the people closest to me avoided me. Not because they didn't want to help, but because they didn't know how.

My life as I knew it was changing and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I had no idea how I was going to get through all that was in front of me. My coping strategies and lack of insight affected my health, relationships, career, finances and vitality.

That's when my life changed forever. I was forced into learning how to deal with change, loss and the emotions of grief. Eventually, I learned how much easier it was to embrace the change (and yes the pain) and work my way through it versus trying to avoid it. My personal transformation and discovery of a deeper sense of joy, love and freedom fuels my passion for sharing what I learned with you.

"The happiness we spend most of our lives chasing is ours in a way that no one can touch once we learn how to move through change."

My Journey Inspired Me to Help You with Your Transitions

The wisdom I gained as I went through all those changes is not something you learn from a book. It taught me how misinformed we are about the emotional side of loss and change and our innate desire to numb, avoid and suppress our emotions. I learned first hand how we can put ourselves and others at risk when we don’t know how to navigate the inner and outer conflict of change and loss.

This is why I became a professional life and loss coach. I am certified with the Coach Training Institute, the International Coach Federation, and the Grief Recovery Institute. This formal training combined with my life experience has given me the knowledge, tools, ability and compassion to support you as you journey through any ending that will eventually lead to a brilliant new beginning.

It may seem like a stretch to believe that you can shift into a happier life especially if you are feeling scared, worried, confused or anxious. right now. I know it's possible, I’ve done it and I know you can too. With the right tools and the right support, you can recover from the heartache and pain of loss and change. You can reclaim love and happiness, for life! I'll show you how.

"It brings me great joy to share my life experiences and training with you in a way that will support and empower you to find freedom, happiness, love and overall life wellness."

How I Love My Life Now

I left my 27-year career in oil and gas to pursue my deeper passion of helping people make sense of life’s changes.

I enjoy simple pleasures in life: dark chocolate and red wine, reading, long walks by the river, riding my bike. good food, great books and awesome conversations.

I love to be outside, by the water and on a beach. I love sunrises, sunsets and the magnificent beauty of the moon.

Nothing warms my heart more than lingering at the dinner table with my daughters talking about what’s going on in their world and the world around us.

I am not a fan of social media although I do appreciate it for the many ways in which it connects us to people around the world. It concerns me for the many ways it prevents us from connecting with people in the same room.

I believe the secret to being happy, free and fully alive is learning how to embrace the natural rhythm and cycle of all of life’s changes.

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love. ~ Sophocles