Love Changes Everything

Learn How to Awaken Your Feelings of Love

Once you have navigated the tricky waters of grief and loss, there is a natural new beginning and a time to turn your attention towards the future.

We ask ourselves the question: what is my life about and what is possible for me now?

Living in the possibilities of your future is a very blissful place to be. But, if the loss you experienced left you worried about how you will be happy again or how you will live out your future, which can set you back. Doubt, uncertainty and fear have kept many people rooted in one spot when their hearts longed to move forward and find love again.

What I have learned is that when you’re ready, you’re ready. But, sometimes you need a little guidance and a wise voice in your ear to help you when you worry that you’re doing something wrong.

Grief leaves scars. It leaves us with permanent markers on our heart reminding us what we and who we loved, what or who we lost and what may have gone wrong. For many, there is almost a visceral reaction to taking another chance or risking loving (even living) again.

But, we’re not meant to live in the past or go through life alone. If your heart tells you that somewhere out there is your happy… the thing or person that will help you feel alive again, I say GO FOR IT.

And I can help you get there.

In the spirit of the embracing the new season of your life, I can help you enter the season where you blossom again (or perhaps for the very first time).

To make this possible, we need to awaken your feelings of love for life, and I can show you how:

Everything begins by understanding the deeper meanings behind what has happened to you. Lessons found deep within your story will help you understand what holds you back and what motivates you to move on with your life.

If you want to move on with your life, it is important to shift your thinking away from your loss as the moment that defines you. Yes, it happened. But eventually, this great moment will become one of many as you shift your focus away from the past and towards your future. Because that is where you’re going!

Often loss leaves you with painful scars around deep concepts like: can I trust myself? Can I make healthy choices when it comes to a life or love relationship? Can I protect myself if warning signs emerge in a new situation? Can I love myself enough to do what’s right before it’s too late?

My answer to all of those is YES YOU CAN. But, learning how comes when you learn to love yourself with compassion and kindness. That skill is a life skill that once you really get it, you’ll never look back with fear because once and for all you will know that you have your own back; that you will take care and love yourself no matter what.

Only then do you have the protective charm that will make you impervious to people who treat you badly and subpar relationships.

As we work together in this program, I will teach you to lead your life with love. To come from love in your decisions and in your thinking so your life moves in a happier direction, whatever that is for you.

To learn more about my Awaken Yourself To The Desire For Love Again program, simply contact me to schedule an appointment.

I would be truly honored to help you learn how to awaken your desire for love and to bring greater love into your life.