Liberated By Love

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I’ve been waiting for you.
I have something exciting to share with you.

It's an Invitation to be Liberated by Love

WHO: Women who are tired of pushing to make things happen in their life and their work.

WHAT: An inspired, intimate and interactive experience designed to help you release, reset and recharge before the end of the year.

WHEN: Saturday, November 18th, 2017 from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

WHERE: Fort Calgary, 750 - 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB

WHY: I know what happens when you push to make things happen. I know the consequences of running on empty and pushing through exhaustion. I've used my personal experience to create practical tools to help women release, reset and recharge.

I'm inviting you to come and reconnect to the heart of what matters most for YOU.

Registration: $197

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Life has a special way of saying "hey you, it's time to wake up".

It usually comes during times of change. When you are in overdrive trying to be all things to all people. When you are pushing to get things done.

I've been there.

I didn't listen to life's nudge to wake up, release, reset and recharge. Eventually it cost me my health, my vitality and my happiness.

Now I’ve reclaimed my health and increased my wealth. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. My business is thriving and I have the time and money freedom to pursue my dreams.

During this interactive event I will be working with you.

I will show you HOW you can RELEASE, RESET and RECHARGE without having to leave town to do it.

You will leave with practical tools that will be yours for LIFE!

Can you FEEL it?

Is your LIFE nudging you to wake up, slow down, unplug, recharge?

Is your HEAD tired of trying to figure out how to keep pushing through and get things done?

Is your HEART yearning to be free from all the stuff that's been getting in your way or holding you back?

Do you wish you could press pause and STOP pushing to make things happen and get things done?

Are you tired of wearing the mask of "everything is perfect" when it isn't?

Are you ready to experience a different way of being in life?

If your answer is YES, I know I can help… starting now... with an invitation to be Liberated by Love.

Registration: $197

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Liberated by Love

This event has been specifically created to meet the needs of the women I talk to every day. Women who are tired of being tired and waiting for life to get better. Tired of pretending everything is perfect and trying to figure things out, all on their own.

I'm excited to share this opportunity with you. I know you want to bring more ease, freedom and love into your life and I want that for you too.

It's time to release, reset and recharge.

Book before November 11 and you will receive a special bonus call with me.

Liberated by Love is for you if:

  • You are tired of pushing through life and want a greater sense of ease.
  • You have a deep sense that there has to be more to life than this.
  • You are tired of the mask you've been wearing to hide your pain, frustration or exhaustion.
  • You want to shed the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.
  • You are excited by the thought of being free and Liberated by love.

This event is NOT for you if:

  • You prefer to stay where you are for now and don't want to change.
  • You want a quick fix and don't want to feel or heal.
  • You are not interested in personal development or transformational work.

Registration: $197

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Register before November 11th and receive a bonus call with me.

During this call we will explore the nudge and what you really want to get out of this event.

We'll do a little coaching and dig a little deeper into how you will powerfully end your year.

This gift is available to the first 5 people who register before November 11th.

Purchase your ticket today so we can get your call scheduled and get started.

Due to the intimate nature of this event space is limited to 15.

Registration: $197

Purchase Your Ticket Today
There’s no need to wait any longer. I invite you to say yes to the whisper of your heart.
I’m looking forward to spending this special time with you as you release, reset and recharge. We're going to have a great time together! ~ Melody