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I endured 9 organizational downsizings, rightsizings, and restructurings during my 27-year career in oil and gas. In 2009 a series of personal events revealed the general lack of awareness and competency most leaders and employees have for dealing with the cumulatively negative impacts of loss and change.

My personal experience and deep understanding of the health and safety implications of unresolved loss and change position me to provide new solutions to old problems of engagement, productivity and morale.

The inability to concentrate, focus or make clear decisions coupled with the inability to sleep and loss of desire or ability to maintain a healthy routine puts the workforce at risk and has a financial cost associated to it.

Did you know the Grief Recovery Institute has estimated the annual cost of workplace grief to be $75 Billion USD?

This figure does not include the cost of short term or long term disability payments to individuals who are on medical or stress leave (which can be traced back to unresolved grief associated with change).

The Energetics of Organizational Change™

The Energetics of Organizational Change™ is designed to provide support to companies who are struggling to find new ways to solve old problems of engagement and motivation after significant loss and change.

The effective and efficient tools shared during this workshop will help your:

  • Leadership team understand the current work environment with its undercurrent of low energy, loss of moral and engagement and reduced productivity.
  • Employees understand their own sense of loss and how it is impacting their health, focus, decision making, engagement and personal productivity.
  • The primary benefits will be a healthier and engaged workforce, the secondary benefit will be improved productivity and safety.

You need to focus on the The Energetics of Organizational Change™ first, behavioral change will follow. This will drive improved workplace wellness, productivity and safety. I guarantee it.

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