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All Seasons Coaching

You might see change coming or you might be caught off guard. Weathering the natural storms of life is a little easier when you work with a life and loss coach. With compassionate curiosity Melody will mindfully guide you through the confusing thoughts and feelings that accompany any loss or change. With her support you will learn how to make peace with the ending in a healthy way. This will empower you to move forward with confidence and trust in your ability to find happiness in your new beginning.

Making Peace With Change

Whether change is something you choose or life chooses for you, all change means the end or loss of something.

Whether you’re going through something as predictable as retirement or becoming an empty nester when your kids leave home … or something more surprising like an untimely death, divorce, loss of a job or a sudden move, change and loss are hard.

You feel it in our bones. Your energy is depleted and your resiliency may not have quite kicked in. Feeling like this is very, very normal. The truth is, very few people manage grief and loss without it impacting the basic fiber of their lives.

"The end is always followed by a natural new beginning but it doesn’t always feel that way."

If you feel this way, you're not alone.

Interestingly enough, for many people these same feelings occur in times of joy: when you become a parent or get married, often there’s grief around the loss of your old life. The same is true with graduations, promotions and moving into your dream home.

The perspective shift between your old life and your new one can leave you feeling bereft, lost and isolated. All characteristics of grief.

The good news is YOU can learn how to move through grief.

Yes, it will take time and effort (no one likes to hear that, but it’s true). Doing the work now will save you the pain and suffering later. Once you do this, a NEW YOU will emerge with a sense of freedom as you embark on your new beginning.

Why All Seasons Coaching?

Change is as certain as a new season and as predictable as the weather. Isn’t it?
You know change will happen, you don’t always know when.

Whether you're choosing change or change is choosing you, All Seasons Coaching is here to help you make peace with change.

Nature's Unexpected Changes.

An earthquake digs deeps into
the earth, changes the landscape and
creates a new course for rivers to flow.
In the same way, loss changes the landscape of
your heart and grief looks for a way to express itself.

Learning to be at peace with change isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Read my blog Why Are Life's Transitions Hard?

Resisting change is like trying to put leaves back on a tree.

Like the seasons, your life will change. You won't always be in control of the change. The answer then is for you to learn how to make peace with change and express your grief so you can find joy in your new beginning.

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