I am happy to see you here and of course, it makes me curious...what brings you here?

  • Are you in the midst of a life transition or change?
  • Are you grieving the loss of love, a job, or a season in your life that’s come to an end?
  • Are you feeling stuck worrying about things that are out of your control or things you feel burdened to handle alone?
  • Life changes constantly... that doesn’t make transitions easy. Even the milestones you anticipate... like finally getting that promotion at work...your child graduating, going off to college or getting married ...can leave you grieving.
  • You miss what once was… loneliness, isolation or confusion set in. Your sense of purpose is tested. Your faith in the future is questioned. It’s as if your compass has stopped working. At least for a little while.

That’s the landscape of change.

Life transitions are a part of every life...and still they're not always easy. Some transitions are predictable and others can shake you to your core. You may feel like you’re the only one who feels the way you do. You’re not alone. We all grieve. And we all get up again.

Whatever change or concern brings you here, you are in the right place. You’ve listened to an internal nudge that's telling you it’s time to do something different so you can start healing and feeling better than you do in this moment.

I am here, ready to help you.

Everyone has their own reaction to change. Your ability to move on will depend on what you’ve learned from others and how you’ve dealt with loss and grief in the past.

For you, the challenge may lie in truly facing your feelings. Or perhaps you need a PLAN and you're looking for support in mapping out your next steps. You may need to learn to delegate or to say no … whatever YOU need in this time, I will walk with you and support you as you learn to navigate life and all of its glorious (and sometimes challenging) changes.

Together, we will walk the path of your heart healing.

As we deepen our work together, you will learn how to find the happiness and freedom your heart desires.
If you’re ready to be the student, I’m honored to be your teacher.

Let's Get Started