Facilitating life’s transitions
We offer certified, professional, love, loss and life coaching services to move you beyond the pain of loss and into the joy of living.


To love is the greatest joy in life. We need to talk about love, feel it, nourish it, experience it, treasure it and share it.

If we don’t fill our hearts and life with love and allow love to flow to us and through us our life becomes empty and dull.


We all experience loss at some point in our life. When we do people say we have to “let go and move on”.

The problem is they don’t tell us how. Not knowing how to “let go” can result in us hastily moving on but becoming emotionally stuck.


Emotional ‘stuckness’ can become a real road block in life. It may prevent us from realizing success, health, vitality, and joy.

Once we learn how to move beyond the pain of loss we are emotionally free and able to access the joy of living.

Although my journey has really just started, I wanted to express my gratitude to Melody. I was skeptical whether or not this was the right program for me, since I was not grieving, I didn’t have any significant losses I needed help to deal with, and overall I was a happy person.  My main focus was trying to make some positive changes around my eating habits to better align with my passion for fitness. At first, I had a hard time connecting my assumptions around what grief was to the changes I wanted to make in my health. However, as I...read more

LV, Calgary

My dad passed 12 years ago and for the past year I’ve experienced deep grief that was resurfacing around my father. Every time I thought of him, I had sharp heart pain and I became highly sensitive to gluten, which I now understand is energetically connected to unresolved issues with a father or father figure. Melody was the first person to help me heal my grief as well as my physical symptoms. She gently and compassionately guided me through a process that led to deep peace. I now live pain free and allergy free thanks to her guidance.

Karen McGregor

Helping Children Deal with Loss I became interested in the topic of children dealing with grief during a period when a number of people near to our family passed. As a parent I thought I knew all I needed to as far as effectively parenting my young teens in the grieving department. This was before Melody came to me with the book & program When Children Grieve. As we worked through the program many things I had never considered or known became clear to me. The first and most important learning was to expand my definition of grief to include...read more

DM, Calgary

Melody is a wise coach that can be trusted and counted on for support. Her coaching provided a relaxed environment that gave me the freedom to share, explore, discover and dream. She helped me to find clarity, maintain focus, set goals and take action to move towards my plans for my future.  

LP, Chicago

Melody, I want to thank you for your guidance during our coaching sessions over the past several weeks. During these sessions you have taken me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to do things only you believed I could. This made it necessary for me to take a different approach in the way I manage my workload and increased my abilities to positively influence the workforce. Through this I have gained confidence in my abilities, recognized and removed perceived barriers and learned valuable skills that will further advance my career. Once again, thank you.  

SA, Calgary

Melody has a very natural and effective way of guiding me to realizing opportunities for positive change in my life. Our conversations are very enlightening and productive and her genuine interest and commitment to me has inspired me to take up the challenges that I’ve identified. The bottom line is that I see and feel major improvements in my long term and day to day relationships as a result of her coaching guidance that far exceed what I had hoped for.

DM, Calgary

Working with Melody has been one of the most positive personal learning experiences that I have had. Melody’s gentle yet persistent and loving approach create the ideal safe place for me to reflect, observe, move further and learn faster than I have been able to do in any other setting. Thank you, Melody!

Marlene Mulligan, Calgary

Melody is incredibly intuitive. Her laser coaching helped me to quickly recognize my true goals & then develop a plan to go get them. She also helped me navigate the many bumps along the road to my success. Melody is committed to helping people make their difference in the world. Her care & attention is very special. If you are clear on your direction but continually stumped or if you are unclear and need support in figuring it out Melody can offer that special input that can make all the difference. I highly recommend her. Melody, All the best to...read more

Darrin Zeer

Taking the Grief Recovery Program was absolutely life changing! What you learn will impact every part of your life! It taught me that no matter what happens in my life, it doesn’t just happen; I choose it! Today I know who I am and where I am going. I have made peace with my past, and I am moving forward with more enthusiasm for my future than I have had in years!  

K. Clarke, Calgary

Melody has intuition and wisdom well beyond her years. She has been able to coach me through some challenging events throughout my career. From the first conversation she immediately creates a welcoming feel that lowers your defenses and very comfortably helps you identify the current issue and underlying themes. From there she takes you through the vision of the end goal. She has an amazing methodology in conversing which allows you to walk through the particular grievance, detail the repair, and begin the healing. Always with an open door and a true genuine willingness to help people improve themselves; Melody...read more

K. Simard, Calgary